As most of you who have read my blogs, I hope you have noticed the true emotion, passion and feeling behind what I write about. I'm not sure what most "bloggers" write about, but I don't like to write until I feel moved to write about a certain subject, and what came to me late this evening is adoption.

    Most people find it very interesting when they find out that I am adopted. And, to add to that, I am a twin as well. While I have become more active on social media, I have noticed more conversation about adoption. Mostly families pursuing adoption. Maybe it's just me noticing it because I am adopted  and like to hear others stories.

    While pondering on the topic, I began to process the act of adoption. For someone to adopt a child/children is a great act of sacrifice and selflessness. As a child who is adopted, I have a heart filled with gratitude because my parents sacrificed, they loved us along with their close friends/family who were a huge support system during such a big change in their lives as young working parents. I'm not sure what most peoples perspective is who have been adopted, but I think every so often, where would I be if my parents hadn't adopted me?

     Adoption, from what my Mom has told me, back in the day was not such a long drawn out process as to what it is today. For those of you out there in the process of adoption, I want you to know how moving it is to know the step that you are taking to love and care for a child that God is about to place in your life. There may be bumps along that journey to receiving the most precious gift, but those bumps or hills are there to allow you to grow and prepare for what God has in store for you and your growing family.

    I know God has been tugging at my heart about this topic for sometime now, and I am taking a leap of faith here, but somehow it's my goal this year to incorporate adoption through my business. I don't know yet what that looks like exactly, but I know it's the path I'm being led down and trusting in the Lord to guide my steps so that I can somehow help families in the adoption process.